1-7-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Comforts created by
works of art:
The new appeal
of Kyobashi
Comforts created by
works of art:
The new appeal of Kyobashi
Once home to Utagawa Hiroshige and Kitaoji Rosanjin lived, Kyobashi has long been an area with a creative culture. Located close to the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station, and also enjoying close proximity to Ginza and Nihombashi, Kyobashi is evolving into Japan’s leading world-class business district, comparable with Marunouchi and Otemachi. It boasts the bustle of Chuo-dori Avenue, one of the most popular avenues in Tokyo, lined with various old and new commercial and cultural facilities that make for an exciting walk. Now this area is taking a further step to evolve into a new Kyobashi, a hub of art and culture, where art meets business and the past meets the future. In 2024, a new TODA BUILDING will appear in this area amid changes in the times and in cities.

Route Map


Access by Train

Tokyo Station (JR lines) Yaesu Central Exit
7minutes on foot
  • Shinjuku Station: 14 minutes (Chuo Line)
  • Shinagawa Station: 8 minutes(Tokaido Main Line)
  • Yokohama Station: 25 minutes(Tokaido Main Line)
  • Omiya Station: 32 minutes(Ueno Tokyo Line)
  • Chiba Station: 38 minutes(Sobu Line (Rapid))
Nihombashi Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) B1 Exit
5minutes on foot
  • Otemachi Station: 1 minute (Tozai Line)
Kyobashi Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) B6 and B7 Exit
3minutes on foot
  • Ginza Station: 2 minutes (Ginza Line)
  • Shibuya Station: 18 minutes (Ginza Line)
  • The time to destination is the approximate time it takes during normal daytime hours and does not include transfer and wait time.